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Whats Happening at Talkspot?


    1/17/2018 15:58

    Have something to sell online, like a home, vehicle or boat?

    Now Talkspot makes it easier than ever to build a professional website to help you sell your Home, Boat, Motorcycle, Car, Truck, RV or anything else online.  The next time you want to boost your sales ad whether it be through a broker or classifieds, use one of these templates to build a stunning ...


    1/12/2018 14:04

    Updated Menu Widget

    Talkspot has updated the menu widget. This release makes it even easier to organize your site navigation.  In addition to the features in the previous version, the new version includes: Drag and drop interface for moving and organizing your menu links.  Single click add and remove pages. Tool-...


    1/8/2018 13:53

    Updated Video Widget

    Talkspot has updated the Video Widget on all sites. The new features in this update allow for more control over user functionality. This update also improves the mobile responsiveness of videos on your site.  In addition to all the great functionality you had before, now you can:  Have greater c...


    1/1/2018 13:44

    Updated Image Widget

    Talkspot recently updated the Image Widget on all sites. The new features in this update allow for more control over the sizing and display of your images, as well as adding text directly over an image.  In addition to all the great functionality you had before, now you can:  Stretch images to t...


    5/24/2017 16:01

    Share Videos in Your Blog Articles

    New Feature Announcement! Want to add videos to your blog articles? Now you can! Otto now supports YouTube or Vimeo videos in your blog articles! If you have personal videos you would like to share just upload them to one of these Video Sharing channels and add it to your blog articles. Or share...


    3/10/2017 13:58

    Attention all Bloggers!

    Talkspot just released a new way to share your blog articles, using 7 new pre-formatted email templates! Now you can easily send formatted emails via Otto or your blogging dashboard.  For Otto instructions on using these templates please reference the Otto Manual from your blogging Dashboard. To...


    11/28/2016 10:23

    Something fun! Major new release of the Music Widget

    Talkspot just released a radical upgrade to our Music widget. Add one and you will immediately be impressed. Aside from having a slick new interface we added support for mobile devices and many new display options.  Try it, you'll like it!


    10/29/2016 10:47

    Wow! HUGE innovation in website editing

    If you haven't tried editing your website lately, please do! Over the past month our engineers have been busy. Website editing is now faster and easier than even we thought possible. We also got rid of the annoying "docking zones" that used to appear. The site editing is now Wysiwg. Just a few o...


    9/26/2016 16:08

    Upgraded Version of Newsletter and Email Templates

    Creating newsletters and promotional emails has just been made that much simpler! With Talkspot's new version of our email templates you can put together professional looking emails and newsletters in no time. Select from our library of email templates for the pre-configured design to fit your needs...


    9/12/2016 15:47

    Upgraded Version of Talkspot's Payment Widget

    Do you want to accept Credit Card or PayPal payments for goods or services? Are you a landlord looking for a way your renters can make convenient payments online using their Credit Card? Are you a charitable organization wanting to collect onetime, or recurring monthly donations? Talkspot makes...